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I wasnt so weak till you step into my life. You told me i can cry like a girl, dont have to be afraid of showing my weak side to the close ones around me. You allow me to whine like a little girl, cry like a baby, flare princess temper towards you. Whenever there is anyone who bullys me, you tends to stand up for me. You know when im angry i speaks as fast as a bullet train. You know i am as stubborn as a bull, when i insist of doing something, noone and nothing can change my mind. You know i am so naive and thats what worries you. You say i tends to think for everyone else and never think for myself, putting everyone before me. You got your ways to make me smile when im moody, laugh when i wanna cry. You make sure i doesnt skip my meals. Your sweet talk is killing me inside out. Noone, there is not one other than my family knows me so well like you do. Noone other than my family dotes me and care for me like you do. I dont knw if i can ever meet someone else like you. You allow me to rely on you everything, literately everything, be it family probs , friendship probs, work, life , pms, lonely night, dark nights. I wonder what will my life become if you are gone one day. Always telling myself not to rely too much on you, afterall one day you will leave eventually. But my heart doesnt allow. Any happy, sad, angry moments you are the first i wanna share it with. Just hoping the day where u leave me wouldnt come so fast. 

Posted by cia lee on June 23, 2016 at 9:03AM | Permalink | 0 Comments